[Conquest] Game enhancements (robots)

Matt Adams matt at stuffbymatt.ca
Sun Sep 2 12:25:14 MDT 2012


I don't know whether anyone still reads this list but I figured I would
send word that I'm working on a bunch of enhancements to Conquest (in my
spare time of course) to hopefully make it a little more interesting.

My idea was to allow otherwise unengaged robots to be able to respond to
certain messages sent by teammates.  The idea being that one can send a
message that reads "rendezvous Earth" or "defend Earth/Ship" or "attack
Earth/Ship" to a robot.  

The robots will remain largely autonomous and various factors will
affect whether the message is complied with (robots with more kills
won't listen to you) and when the message is received (messages take
time to travel so the more distant a ship is, the long it takes to

If anyone is interested in these things I will send patches when I've
got things working a little more smoothly.  No promises as to the
quality of said patches but hopefully they won't mess things up too


4113 48A St Vegreville, AB T9C 1B3 780-632-3037 matt at stuffbymatt.ca

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