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David, everyone

At that time I will give you some feedback.  Especially looking
> forward to reading about macros which was not in the page

Ha ha, thats because I forgot to put it in...it will be under advanced

As far as the etiquette..... I tend to agree with Jon.   This is a game
> where you CYA or loose it.   Better to play well, play safe, play RTS
> than depend on your competition to abide by a set of arbitrary rules.

Thats why they are "suggested".
There is of course no way to enforce any of that on players (the bastard
cheating operator must be another matter) and whats more it should not be
forced on players by code.

The etiquette section is really intended for veterans of the game and server
ops.  I know for a fact some of the stuff mentioned under "Good
sportsman-ship" can make a new player feel pretty bad about the game.  I'd
just like to see them have a fair chance of playing for awhile before they
give up.

I myself have gotten upset over slingshot suprise attacks, being harrased
endlessly while trying to coup, and pirate players (not neccisarily recently
mind you...)  And I know in the VAX days of old some players quit (forever)
because of stuff I mentioned in the VAX etiquette -

And of course the "combat tactics" and "art of conquest" strategy sections
mention all manner of CYA in many situations.

If you can think of better ways to present that and the mentioned intent let
me know.

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