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Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Fri Oct 20 11:16:34 MDT 2006

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006, Almighty Tallest Cataboligne wrote:

> All conquerors:
> The strategy guide has begun.  Check it out here.
>> http://chaos.rothrin.net/clog/index.php?itemid=17
> The text is 99% finished.  I still want to add more gfx to detail the
> guidelines.
> I left out nefarious stuff from the etiquette section on purpose.  If you
> think anything there provides too much of a hint about cheating or abusing
> the game let me know straight up and I'll fix it.

         Hehe, I read it yesterday, will go through it again tonight
         perhaps, if you've added more.

         Some of it seemed ill-worded (difficult to understand).  Other
         parts made me laugh in fond remembrance of battles long gone.
         I especially like the 'strategy' tips :)  So true.

         I did disagree with the etiquette mentions in two areas:

         - that if you chase an opponent into his home system and kill
           him, and he regens back and comes after you (who is probably
           damaged or low on fuel) is somehow not honourable.

           Au Contraire....  That's part of the game.  Hint: Don't kill
           an opponent in an area where he will regen with a new ship
           and kill you (like his home system) :) If you do, then good
           luck :) It's possible to get out of those situations - I
           have succeeded in simply cloaking and waiting for fuel/dam
           to regen as a last resort.  Boring, but can work.  Also,
           did't I do that to you once, twice? :)

         - that attacking a vacant ship is dishonourable.  Sorry, but
           if I find vacant warlike ships, I will kill them for the
           easy kill points.  I have even successfully hunted cloaked
           vacant ships too :)

           If you want to go vacant, then hide.  Go somewhere out of
           the way and cloak.  Maybe leave your shields up.  Don't
           expect to be immune from attack just because you are
           vacant. :)  The goal in war is to win.

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