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Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
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On Wed, 11 Oct 2006, Almighty Tallest Cataboligne wrote:

> Hail Conquerors!
> Have not posted in a bit so I decided to throw out this little tid bit...
> I have started an intro to the game on my weblog Grendels Grimoire.
> http://chaos.rothrin.net/clog/index.php?itemid=16
> I'd encourage you to check it out and provide some feedback.  The idea is to
> use this overview as an intro for potential players.
> If response is good I plan on adding a basic strategy guide.
> (And yes, I built that site raw, from a base install of Nucleus...)
> An interesting side note, I discovered Grendel (the comic) in roughly the
> same time frame as Conquest.

   Hehe, I like it.  I think Dave was going to work on a 'tutorial'
   based on the 'Tips for new players' section in the readme.  A good
   tutorial is needed. :)

   On the page you listed, a few comments:

   - The first GL pic, is an old one.  We aren't using those old ship
     textures anymore.  We're using your new and improved versions.

   - I remember playing this with a 1200bd modem.  Talk about
     frustration :)

   - The original conquest only allowed eng/weap allocations in the
     40-60% range

   - torpedos travel at different speeds depending on the ship that
     fired them:

     - kli/fed (original), Destroyer (now): warp 12
     - rom (original), Cruiser (now): warp 10
     - ori (original), Scout (now):  warp 14

   - The 'improved' GL client view isn't really what you see now,
     especially as regards the shields.  Murisak is not a black hole.
     Black holes do not yet exist in conquest :)

   - The background 'grendel?' stuff does not really relate to Conquest
     does it? :) You should have exploding romulan scum there instead,

   Maybe this could be the basis of a wikipedia entry for Conquest :)

   But this looks nice - let me know when you are satified with it and
   I'll add a link to it on the conq homepage...

> - Cataboligne
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