[nas] License clarification

Petr Pisar ppisar at redhat.com
Tue Oct 8 06:07:02 MDT 2013


while reviewing nas-1.9.4 sources for license terms, I found following files
which disagree with license terms stated in the README file:

(1) server/dda/hpux/auhpux.h: unclear commercial use prohibition:

> This program may be used freely within the UK academic community, but it
> must not be used for commercial gain without the written permission of the
> authors.
> EMail :  cgu-info at cgu.mcc.ac.uk

(2) doc/xcon94slide.ps: All rights reserved (Frame Technology Corporation):

> % FrameMaker PostScript Prolog 3.0, for use with FrameMaker 3.0
> % Copyright (c) 1986,87,89,90,91 by Frame Technology Corporation.
> % All rights reserved.

(3) doc/overview.ps:    All rights reserved (Network Computing Devices)
(4) doc/library.ps:     All rights reserved (Network Computing Devices)
(5) doc/title.ps:       All rights reserved (Network Computing Devices)

These files contain the same declaration as (2) and in addition:

> % Copyright 1993 Network Computing Devices, Inc.  All rights reserved.
> % An unpublished work.

I believe (3)--(5) is only a mistake by NCD but with strict resolution, the
files cannot be distributed because of `all rights reserved' clause.

Is any chance these issues could be somehow resolved by NAS developers side?
These issues prevent software distributors, like various GNU/Linux
distributions, to deliver original NAS to theirs users.

-- Petr
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