[nas] nas on Mac OS X?

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 08:47:26 MST 2011

On 1/23/11 10:33 AM, Erik Auerswald wrote:
> Hi Ray,
> On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 09:53:27AM -0500, Raymond Toy wrote:
>> On 1/22/11 7:41 AM, Erik Auerswald wrote:
>>> On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 08:53:36PM -0500, Raymond Toy wrote:
>>>> Just wondering nas will run on OSX?
>>> I don't know and have no Mac to test. :-(
>> That can be remedied. :-)
>>>> I saw the mailing list messages about nas not building on OSX.  I did
>>>> get all the client stuff building on OSX, but I think I'm missing the
>>>> server part.
>>> Did you have to change anything to get clients building?
>> Yes.  In config/NetAudio.tmpl, I added -lXau to the AUDIOLIBS line. 
> Thanks. This looks like a bug in the X build environment on OS X. I don't
> now yet how to cleanly add this to the template (i.e. which of the
> variables usually contains -lXau), but I'll look into this.
I just hacked it in.  I've never dabbled with xmkmf and stuff before,
other than just building nas with it.
>> After that, all the clients linked.  They appear to run, but without a
>> server on OSX, I can't test.  And I'm also having some problems getting
> You can test against a server on a different host... ;-)
I don't have another host with audio.   But I solved my ssh issue and
tunneling and audemo running on my Mac correctly sends audio to my Linux
box.  That's cool.
>> ssh forwarding of the nas ports from my OSX box to my linux box so that
>> I can run the client on OSX and the server on linux to listen to the audio.
> For testing purposes there should be no need to tunnel NAS traffic through
> SSH.
How would I do that?  (Mostly just curious since I have tunneling
working.)  There's no local nasd on my Mac.  I think my Mac is configure
to allow just ssh.  Not telnet/rlogin.
> You probably want to disable authentication for the server (nasd -aa) for
> your tests.
I did that on my Linux box, but not sure if it was needed.
> Not that I know, but Jon would be the one to ask. I'd say you need to look
> at the existing servers.
Yeah, I think the sun server is probably simplest.  I'll poke around there.
>> thinking of writing a direct interface to OSX audio, but using portaudio
>> as the interface between nas and OSX audio.
> Are you refering to http://www.portaudio.com/ ?
> It's your call, I can't say if it would be easier to use this or coreaudio.
Yes, that's the one.  It's fairly easy with portaudio since I've already
used to for a different project that just needs very simple audio that I
wanted to work on both Linux and OSX.  It might be equally easy for nas
to use coreaudio, but then I'd have to go figure all that out.


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