[nas] Nas on NetBSD

Erik Auerswald auerswal at unix-ag.uni-kl.de
Wed Apr 29 11:01:23 MDT 2009

Hi Menuhin,

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 06:29:21PM +0200, Menuhin Saitov wrote:
> i am newbie on nas , as first at my home made a x terminal, so i wanted 
> also to hear the sound from the server asfar i have understood that nas 
> that for it is.

That is correct, the original use for NAS was to have sound at an X

> For a Test i starting the nasd on the server and try to connect but i get 
> unable to connect the server.
> hier ist the output from nasd -aa -d 99

You need to start nasd on the machine that shall output sound. This may
be the server, but this may be the X terminal instead -- this depends on
your use case.

If you have started the NAS server on the X terminal, NAS clients should
work automatically (in a standard setup) by using the $DISPLAY variable.
If you want to use nasd on a different computer you need to tell the NAS
clients where to connect to. Most clients understand an option
-audio SERVERNAME, alternatively you can set the environment variable

> $ Network Audio System Release 1.9.1
> Network Audio System Release 1.9.1
> AuInitPhysicalDevices();
> Init: will close device when finished with stream.
> Init: will keep mixer device open.
> Init: Leaving the mixer device options alone at startup.
> Init: openDevice OUT /dev/audio mode 1
> Init: openDevice(1) IN /dev/audio1 mode 0
> Init: Input open(/dev/audio1) failed: Device not configured, using output 
> device
> setupSoundcard(...);
> ++ Setting up Output device (/dev/audio)
> +++ requesting wordsize of 16, got 16
> +++ requesting 2 channel(s), got 2 channel(s)
> +++ Requesting minimum sample rate of 5000, got 8000
> +++ Requesting maximum sample rate of 44100, got 44100
> initMixer: opened output mixer device /dev/mixer
> initMixer: could not open input mixer device /dev/mixer1: Device not 
> configured
> initMixer: using output mixer /dev/mixer for input
> initMixer: opened input mixer device /dev/mixer
> initMixer: /dev/mixer: using recording level control method 3
> Init: initMixer was successful
> setTimer(rate = 0);
> createServerComponents(...);
> closeDevice: out
> closeDevice OUT /dev/audio mode 1
> closeDevice: mixer
> closeDevice: leaving mixer device(s) open

This all looks very normal, there just did not connect any client.

Best regards,
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