[nas] firefox audio solution?

Erik Auerswald auerswal at unix-ag.uni-kl.de
Sun Feb 10 11:24:58 MST 2008


On Sun, Feb 10, 2008 at 12:30:15PM -0500, Paul Fox wrote:
> i believe that previous versions of firefox worked with audiooss,
> but current (2.0) versions do not, at least for me.  i'm assuming
> that newer firefox releases no longer use the oss path that
> audiooss intercepts.

Ist still does, you might to set the environment variable ICEWEASEL_DSP
(since I use debian, I don't know if it's FIREFOX_DSP for an official
browser) to the right value. Since this is called "/dev/dsp wrapper" by
the iceweasel man-page I suppose "none" should be right.

> does anyone know if it would be feasible to introduce a similar
> shim under alsa?  would it make more sense to try and get a new
> audio output (i.s.  NAS) device added the alsa repertoire?  if
> someone tells me such a thing already exists, i'll mail you a
> 6-pack of beer. 

I think this is feasible, but no-one did this yet AFAIK. Adding
something like this to ALSA would make a lot of sense, because it would
enable most[1] ALSA programs to output to NAS.

[1] You can use ALSA in a way that disables everything not implemented
by the hardware, e.g. resampling. This would disable the hypothetical
NAS shim as well. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is using ALSA this way.


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