[nas] NAS client server sound question

admin at mmri.us admin at mmri.us
Sun Nov 25 14:52:39 MST 2007

[root]# whereis nasd
nasd: /usr/bin/nasd /usr/share/man/man1/nasd.1x.gz
[root]# /usr/bin/nasd -aa -v -d 99
Network Audio System Release 1.9.1
Network Audio System Release 1.9.1
Init: will close device when finished with stream.
Init: will keep mixer device open.
Init: Leaving the mixer device options alone at startup.
Init: openDevice OUT /dev/dsp mode 1
Init: Output open(/dev/dsp) failed: No such file or directory

Fatal server error:
could not create audio connection block info

No dsp device!
Now how can that be?
Does nas create a virtual DSP device accessed through a port or do you 
have to have hardware installed  on the server?

Jon Trulson wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Nov 2007, admin at mmri.us wrote:
>> I can confirm it works with Ubuntu
>> (Ubuntu Breezy on Mac Mini ppc)
>> root@ /etc/init.d]# ./nas start
>> Starting the Network Audio System
>> @(#)Network Audio System Release 1.7
>> root@ /etc/init.d]#
>> While on FC7 it is ambiguous.
>> [init.d]#  ./nasd start
>> Network Audio System Release 1.9.1 [  OK  ]
>   ^^^ crap, I only noticed the upper one (v1.7), sorry.
>   Really, try starting nasd as described in my previous post, it should
>   provide a lot more info.
> [...]

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