[nas] Re: nas and pulseaudio?

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Mon Nov 12 16:11:47 MST 2007

On Sun, 11 Nov 2007, Dave Richards wrote:

> Jon/All:

>    Yes, that is how Pulse works.  It supports all of the protocols
>via plugins.  So no matter what client you use, they all work over
>the network with the native network ports.  That's why I put the idea

   That is cool actually... My brief perusal of the PA module API seems
   to imply this could work, though it would be a big project.  The
   module API seems to be in a good deal of flux though.

>out there of just moving this project under the Pulse "umbrella".
>NAS could continue to mature and all old clients would continue to
>work, but we would gain many more eyes.  If that step isn't taken,
>all changes made here will always have to be taken over to a NAS
>plugin (should it ever be even written).  I'm offering just a "users"
>perspective, but this would be a huge help for us.

   I don't believe 'merging' nas with PA would make any real sense (I
   don't think the PA guys would think so either)... Supporting NAS
   protocol under PA would however.  What would be the point of the
   auplay client under PA for example, other than a test of PA's NAS
   protocol handling?  Those who want something light and 'simple'
   (without the dependancies PA needs) might still prefer to run plain
   old nasd.

   For PA, the components needed are the network and protocol handling,
   presumably generating samples for PA sink.  I think that is where
   most of the work would lie - encapsulating/condensing the neccessary
   nas components in dia/ (protocol/dispatch/resource mgmt) and os/

   Most of the changes made to NAS recently have involved cleanups and
   voxware fixes.  Niether of these would be required under PA.  Rather
   the protocol and network handling would be the big things needed for
   PA, stuff (especially the protocol) and that hasn't changed in years.

> Dave
>>>> Jon Trulson <jon at radscan.com> 11/11/07 3:22 PM >>>
> On Fri, 9 Nov 2007, Tobias Diedrich wrote:
>> Jon Trulson wrote:
>>>   OSS and ALSA are low level API's... Esound is a 'simple' sound
>>>   server.  There are no doubt esound, alsa and oss plugins for pulse
>>>   audio.  There could be a nas plugin as well, if someone wanted to
>>>   write one... Or am I missing something?
>> Pulseaudio also has a esound server plugin, i.e. esound clients can
>> connect to pulseaudio using the esound protocol.
>> Now, a nas server plugin would certainly be nice, especially since
>> pulseaudio has working resampling and you can also control the
>> volume of each client using a gui tool. :)
> [...]
>> Cool stuff. :)
>   Ahhh... I didn't get that nuance from the website.  So basically, a
>   plugin (or minature nasd server really) would be integrated into
>   pulse audio, allowing it to understand NAS protocol?  It would
>   listen on the same ports, etc so that all existing nas clients could
>   talk NAS to a pulse audio server instead and not really know the
>   difference?.
>   That would indeed be cool. :)

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