[nas] Re: nas and pulseaudio?

Tobias Diedrich ranma+nas at tdiedrich.de
Fri Nov 9 11:22:49 MST 2007

Jon Trulson wrote:
>   OSS and ALSA are low level API's... Esound is a 'simple' sound
>   server.  There are no doubt esound, alsa and oss plugins for pulse
>   audio.  There could be a nas plugin as well, if someone wanted to
>   write one... Or am I missing something?

Pulseaudio also has a esound server plugin, i.e. esound clients can
connect to pulseaudio using the esound protocol.
Now, a nas server plugin would certainly be nice, especially since
pulseaudio has working resampling and you can also control the
volume of each client using a gui tool. :)

<quote src="http://lwn.net/Articles/256623/">
The Fedora project, claiming to have the first distribution to use
PulseAudio by default, has posted an interview with Lennart
Poettering. "A lot of things have changed. For example, you can now
change the volume of every playback stream seperately. Then, we have
better hotplug support: Just plug in your USB speaker and it will
appear in your mixer... You can move streams during playback between
output devices. With a single click in our 'paprefs' tool you can
aggregate all local audio devices into a virtual one, which
distributes audio to all outputs, and deals with the small frequency
deviations in the sound card's quartzes -- and that code even deals
with hotplugging/unplugging."

Cool stuff. :)

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