[nas] NAS 1.7b (devel) is available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sat Jun 4 14:26:55 MDT 2005

 	.. at the usual place ( http://radscan.com/nas.html ).

 	This is a minor bugfix release only:

6/3/2005 1.7b (devel)

          - applied patch from 'Inma', correcting a connection hang in
            Solaris 9.  This reworks some of the very old and primitive
            fd_set stuff in Aulibint.c .

          - updated config/config.sub and config.guess to properly
            detect DragonFly systems.

          - Applied patch from Mark Davies and Joerg Sonnenberger
            correcting some BSD issues and adding DragonFly support.

            Then nasd.conf man page is always installed in
            $FILEMANDIR for all systems.

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