[nas] No love (could not create audio connection block info when starting)

Paul England pengland at cmtkg.com
Wed Sep 15 17:00:23 MDT 2004

I'm not sure, but it has played the sound when Arts was off.  Anyways, 
I've not gotten a chance ot play with this since then, as the user has 
been hogging his computer. :)   I could've sworn I disabled Arts before 
my last attempt, but sure enough, it was running after checking a few 
things.  I might get a stab at it before the week is out.

Thanks for everyone's help thus far


>     Is the rh applet merely sending it's audio to 
> esound/artsd/whatever rather than to the device directly?  If so, and 
> one of those is the culprit holding the device open, then yes, that 
> would work would it not? :)
>     try running strace on nasd when this happens.. something like:
>     strace -o/tmp/out nasd -aa -v -d 99
>     Then see if anything interesting is in /tmp/out.
>> The only thing consistent is when I run arts :x -aa,
>                                           ^^^^
>     nasd you mean?
>> /tmp/.sockets/audiox will be created, meaning I can't use that port 
>> anymore.
>     Why?  as long as another process (ie: another nasd) isn't bound to 
> that socket, the new nasd will just re-use it...  Otherwise, if it is 
> bound to someone else, you will get something like an 'address already 
> in use' error.
>     BTW... What version of NAS are you running?
> [...]

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