[nas] No love (could not create audio connection block info when starting)

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Tue Sep 14 17:58:25 MDT 2004

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, Paul England wrote:

> This has gone beyond crappy.

 	Sorry :(

> I've tried a host of differen things. I got my application top lay sound ONE 
> time.
> After that, I logged out, logged in as the user would, and once again -- no 
> sound.

 	Wonder if PAM is playing with the perms on the audio devices?

> So basically, I've had sporadic at best results, following intuition and 
> advice.
> Every now and again I can get nasd to start, but it either doesn't play 
> sound,
> or complaints that /dev/dsp is busy.

 	Only one app can be accessing the audio device at a time.  nasd, 
when running, and in it's default configuration, will always release the 
device when a flow is completed.  This way it does not hog 
the device.

 	Unfortunately esound, arts, etc do not.  They expect to own the 
device the entire time they are running.

 	You might try something like 'fuser -v /dev/dsp' next time that 
happens to see what process is holding the device open...

> I use Redhats cheesy little "detect 
> sound
> device" applet, and it always detects the device, and is able to play the 
> sound,
> even when NASD thinks it's busy.

 	Is the rh applet merely sending it's audio to 
esound/artsd/whatever rather than to the device directly?  If so, and one 
of those is the culprit holding the device open, then yes, that would work 
would it not? :)

 	try running strace on nasd when this happens.. something like:

 	strace -o/tmp/out nasd -aa -v -d 99

 	Then see if anything interesting is in /tmp/out.

> The only thing consistent is when I run arts :x -aa,

 	nasd you mean?

> /tmp/.sockets/audiox will be created, meaning I can't use that port anymore.

 	Why?  as long as another process (ie: another nasd) isn't bound to 
that socket, the new nasd will just re-use it...  Otherwise, if it is 
bound to someone else, you will get something like an 'address already in 
use' error.

 	BTW... What version of NAS are you running?

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