[nas] cc/gcc issues with imake on Solaris 8

rhfreeman at micron.com rhfreeman at micron.com
Wed Apr 21 05:21:07 MDT 2004

> 	Could you run nasd with something like:
> 	nasd -v -d 99 -aa
> 	And send any output it generates when you start the flow?  Does
> this happen with a specific wav file, or any wav file?

Ok. I've been checking this out thoroughly! I've started nasd with those
options, but it only gives me this:

Init: will close device when finished with stream.

So I did some checking. Using audemo I played some stuff out of
/usr/share/sounds on my Solaris 8 box. Some plays fine repeatedly but it
was always the same ones that worked. Some files would play once and
then never work again. It was ALWAYS the same files, and there was
nothing common about them (Hz, bit-rate, endian-ism, etc).

When it stopped playing, a truss on nasd shows this:

 ioctl ( 6, AUDIO_DRAIN, 0x00000000 ) ( sleeping... ) 

This happens with both nasd 1.6 and 1.6c. We are running the SunRay
server 2 software.

Do you want me to send along some of the files that work/don't work?


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