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[...deletions made here...]
> Actually, I've been wanting to write my own audio server for a
> while.  Something like Esound, the Enlightenment Sound Daemon but
> more advanced. [...more deletions...]
> What else would a good speech-aware server do?

This will be great if you can pull it off, Ricky.  Be sure to look at
the recent work done with ESD to amke it workable with the Network Audio
Server (NAS).  I append a message that appeared recently on the NAS mailing
list.  I'll cross-post to that list to help make them aware of your
interest in this problem.  Good luck!

> I should have a look at ESD's sourcecode, I guess!  Plus, I
> better get my C skills out and brush them off.  It doesn't sound
> like a Perl-shaped task :(  *sighs*
> Regards,
> RIcky
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>From owner-nas at radscan.com Mon Oct  6 11:23:13 2003
Subject: [nas] Update ESD/NAS
From: David Richards <drichard at largo.com>
To: nas at radscan.com

Just a quick update, the guys at Ximian grabbed that AIX code that
allows ESD to work with NAS and are cleaning it up right now and will
submit it for inclusion in ESD.

It's being altered to work better with glibc, instead of libc as was
used on AIX.

That's great news.

I'll let everyone know when it's ready.

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