[nas] nas under freebsd4.1probs

gerrie gerrie at trispen.com
Mon Mar 12 00:19:51 MST 2001


I sincerely hope this list is still active...

Been trying to get NAS 1.4.1 going under FreeBSD4.1 to no avail.
Since I've got no soundcard going at the moment, I've set up the PC speaker as
/dev/pcaudio.  I've got no input device...so is it okay to comment out the whole
inputsection in the config file?  I've tried both with and without this
section, with the debugging turned up to 10.  When I start the server,
absolutely no debug info is generated.  And the process just sits there.  I
can't connect to the NAS server, and netstat -na shows nothing listening on the
port.  Any pointers?


E-Mail: gerrie <gerrie at trispen.com>
Date: 12-Mar-01
Time: 09:19:51

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