[nas] Recording apps using NAS?

Ola Andersson rand at ling.umu.se
Tue Nov 7 02:03:17 MST 2000

Paul Fox wrote:
>  > >
>  > > Do any of you know about any recording applications using
>  > > NAS? "aurecord" is the only example I know about...
> sometime last year i did a bunch of searching for unix-based recording
> tools, and came up with very little -- i'm sure i would have noticed
> if one of them had supported nas...
> paul
> p.s.  what i discovered was that there are two types of tools:  a) the
> type that does _nothing_ but record, and doesn't even let you see
> recording levels

I made a program that shows recordinglevels of a soundfile read from
so that I can pipe from the recording program.
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