[nas] Re: new server/dda/sun/ausuni.c to test

Charles Levert charles at comm.polymtl.ca
Sun Aug 27 22:52:40 MDT 2000

Jon Trulson <jon at radscan.com> writes: 

> 	Very cool... I've added it to the repository.  Does this warrant a
> point release (1.4.1) along with some minor doc changes?  Is there
> anything configurable that should be added to nasd.conf?

I did not program it in such a way that it can be configured in
nasd.conf.  Two values that could be configurable are the number of
samples in a write to the audio driver, and the target signal rate.
I'm not sure if they need to be, though.  Maybe if it turns out that
the current values do not work for everybody...

Since this seems to solve most of the problems for higher rates on
Sun, I think 1.4.1 would be a good idea.  However, in order not to
waste the time of people using other platforms than Sun Sparc, be sure
to specify that the update is only useful for those using Suns.


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