[conquest] Conquest 8.2b (devel) is available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Mon Jun 4 17:57:17 MDT 2007

This version is a potential 8.3 release candidate.

   It can be found at:

         Source tarball:

         Musicpak tarball:

         SVN tagged release:

         SVN current (possibly unstable) development:

   This version adds the ability to zoom in and out in short-range and
   long-range scan modes. A great number of bugs were fixed in the GL
   scaling code as a result. A new torp-alert sound effect was added. A
   ton of other issues and bugs were fixed, mostly 'under the hood'.

   If also corrects some possible buffer overflows in the client as
   reported by Luigi Auriemma.

   From HISTORY:

8.2b (devel) 06/04/2007

   - 8.2b devel release

   - fix bug that prevented timed effects from being triggered for
     delayms (if specified in the soundrc file) after the game started.

   - disable allocation of a depth buffer.  We aren't using it,
     so... Might help those with 16bpp displays.

   - added sound effect for torp alerts.

   - fixed up configure so that it won't barf if sdl-config or other
     SDL checks fail.  If that happens, sound support will just be

     Also fixed some problems that prevented the GL client from being
     built when sound support was not available.  Sorry about that.

   - add capability of specifying named texture rectangles (texareas)
     as part of a texture definition into CQI.  This makes it possible
     to define the element positions of the 2 decals used in the hud in
     the texturesrc file, rather than hardcoding all that crap into
     updateIconHudGeo().  Simplified alot of the hud computations,
     especially in updateIconHudGeo().

     Simplified scale/gauge drawing considerably.  No more stupid stuff
     in there anymore I hope :)

     Added the new item rectangles to the various team decal1 and
     decal2 texture definitions in texturesrc.  Knock yourself out Cat

     Moved the torp status pips to the right of the icon ship, next
     to the phaser charge status gauge.

   - new hud decal1 and decal2 textures are provided.  These have been
     modified to contain all of the relevant decal data, so there is
     no more seperate fuel gauge and fuel number rendering, for
     example.  The number boxes are contained within the decal textures
     now - their locations are specified via texarea subsections in
     their respective texture definitions.

   - the compiled-in texture default configuration header file
     (texdata.h) has been removed.  All texture data is read from the
     texture config files at startup time, always.  The GL client will
     fail to start if the main texturesrc file cannot be found, or
     contains a syntax error.

   - more NEB rework so it looks a little better.  Added support
     to CQI texanim to modify the texture's s and t offsets.  Now use a
     'neb' animdef for rendering it to provide that 'high speed
     streaming cloud' look. :)

   - add new '-v' option to the clients to increase verbosity

   - output some basic GL info.  Using '-v' will list the GL
     implementation's various limits.

   - some sillyness fixed in cu2GLSize.

   - major rework of the vbg rendering.  It was pretty screwy,
     especially when you threw magfactors into it :)

   - Animdefs now always handle sizes in CUs, (istate and deltas and
     geo size).  These values must be rescaled via cu2GLSize or glScale
     prior to rendering now, in order for the magfactors to work

   - Due to the size/scaling rework for the animdefs, explosions can
     now be drawn properly in LR scan, and therefore, are now drawn in
     LR scan :).  Planet bombing could work as well in LR, but for now
     it isn't.

   - make sure the mag change sound doesn't play more than once
     every 60 seconds.  Same for the info sound.

   - based on 'mag factor' idea from Cat, implemented zoom in/out in
     both SR and LR views.  There are 5 levels of zoom out and zoom in.
     You can zoom in/out with the '[' and ']' keys.  ^L resets the view
     to default zoom (none).

     During this work some subtle bugs in GLcvtcoords() were fixed,
     yielding much more accurate placing of objects.  Limit checks in
     GLcvtcoords fixed to properly account for magscaling.  It's main
     weakness now is accounting for the sizes of objects.  Oh well :)

     There were a variety of other scaling and sizing bugs fixed as a
     result of this work.

   - cursor now uses cross-hair shape.  With a fixed GLcvtcoords, it is
     actually accurate in the viewer now. :)

   - fixed some security (possble buffer overruns) in the client
     (meta.c and CLIENTSTAT processing) reported by Luigi Auriemma.

Jon Trulson
mailto:jon at radscan.com 
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