[conquest] Conquest 8.2c (devel) is available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Mon Jul 16 15:13:15 MDT 2007

  It can be found at:

         Source tarball:

         Musicpak tarball (optional):

         SVN tagged release:

         SVN current (possibly unstable) development:

   This version corrects some minor problems with 8.2b, and adds
   TCP Wrappers support to conquestd and conqmetad. It also adds the
   ability to zoom in/out when playing back a recorded game, just like
   when playing the game itself.

   Barring some major problems (or minor adjustments), this could be an
   8.3 release in a few weeks.

   From the HISTORY file:

8.2c (devel) 07/08/2007

   - bug report from Adam Sampson: 'make install' should not
     chgrp/chmod $(DESTDIR)$(CONQSYSCONFDIR)/*rc . Depending on where
     $(DESTDIR)$(CONQSYSCONFDIR) actually is (say, /etc) this can cause
     'issues' :)

   - fix bug whereby statistics data (ALT-S) in conquestgl (FPS, ping
     RTT, bandwidth, etc) would not be shown unless althud was also

   - clear all of the message/prompt lines when initting the CP node.
     If you self-destructed for example, then re-entered, you could
     still see the destruct confirmation message in the prompt area.

   - add the ability to zoom in/out during playback of a previously
     recorded game.

   - fix issue where in SR scan, but zoomed all the way out, you could
     see ships that you can't really see.

   - when quitting from the main menu, or in the CP via ^\ , stop all
     music and FX channels before leaving to avoid stuttering audio.

   - added warp2 (background warp) textures from Cat (with some slight

   - add tcp wrappers support to conquestd and conqmetad - not compiled
     in by default.  You can enable by specifying
     '--enable-tcpwrappers' to the configure command line.  You will
     need to have tcpd.h and libwrap installed.  The daemon name (for
     your system hosts.allow file) is 'conquestd' and 'conqmetad'

Jon Trulson
mailto:jon at radscan.com 
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