[Fwd: Re: [conquest] Conquest 8.2 (stable) is now released into the wild.]

David W. Payne dwpayne at gravitic.com
Sat Sep 2 15:26:03 MDT 2006

I talked with Jon and we propose a game on
Sunday afternoon.   2pm 'ish that is Denver, Colorado MDT.

We can start on Jon's server: conquest.radscan.com:1701

We can play against each other, gang up on robots, conquer
a little bit of the universe and/or move on to some of the
development servers (which have interesting new planets).

Please feel free to make suggestions on game time(s) and/or

For me at least, I could probably play late at night (Denver time)
Sunday night as Monday is a holiday.

Also, there is a possibility of playing on Monday.


Awesome! I haven't had a good game of Conquest in AGES ;-)

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