[conquest] Conquest 8.1.2c (devel) is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sun May 14 19:18:52 MDT 2006

         At the usual place ( http://www.radscan.com/conquest.html ).

         This version fixes up various problems and provides new
         Negative Energy Barrier (NEB) rendering.

         Here is the relevant portion of the HISTORY file:

8.1.2c (devel) 5/7/2006

        - new user option 'do_native_lang'.  When set to true, you will
          see the scale labels in the HUD displayed in the team's
          'native' language.  When false (default) you will see the
          labels in english (Federation).  Yes, this is a bit of a
          hack.  When Cat can deliver to me Orion, Romulan, and Klingon
          language font files, then we can do it properly :)

        - fixed up the limit checks in GLcvtcoords().  Now we are a bit
          more agressive in checking the visbility of an object before
          rendering it, particularly in LR view.

        - UDP keepalive's are sent from the client to the server every
          30 seconds from the GL client, regardless of what screen you
          are on.  Previously these were only sent if you were in the
          cockpit (CP).

        - redid the Negative Energy Barrier (NEB).

          The NEB is now drawn as a 'wall' (and at most, only 2 can
          possibly be in view at a time), rather than the large
          textured quad spanning the universe that was previously used.

          This allows us to be smart and not render it when it's not in
          view (saving frames and cycles).  Also, the TOS-bmsk texture
          is no longer needed now, and has been removed.

          In addition, the barrier is now drawn at the ship's depth
          plane, correcting it's position and size relative to the
          ship. It sure looks alot bigger in SR view when you are
          passing through it :)

        - finished CONQINIT.TXT, describing CQI, and the format of the
          conqinitrc and texturesrc files in all their glory.

        8.1.2b (not publically released)

        - fix bug in render.c that miscalculated the size of the warp
          indicator quad in certain situations.

        - enhance recording protocol so that server recordings are
          easier to determine.  Always store the ship number that made
          the recording into the header.

          Existing recording (CQR) files are compatible.

        - If you pass '-d 0.0' on the conquestgl command line, the 75
          FPS frame throttle is disabled.  This is mainly useful for
          'benchmarking' - having conquestgl always render at full
          speed.  This works for playing back a recording as well as
          playing the game normally.

        - remove doomsday AP firing timer and convert to an animdef
          (doomsday-ap-fire) specified in texturesrc.

        - modify CQI parser to allow (ab)using a texture {} section
          to store 'named' colors.  This is done by treating
          texture definitions that specify "" as the filename, as a
          special case, indicating that only a color is specified
          there.  I just didn't see the point in creating a whole new
          'colordef' section and related CQI infrastructure just for
          color parsing and storage.

          All colors used in conquestgl will eventually be specifed
          this way.

        - merge 8.1.2a into conquest HEAD branch.

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