[conquest] Conquest 8.1.2g (devel) is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Mon Jul 17 21:59:17 MDT 2006

         At the usual place ( http://www.radscan.com/conquest.html ).
         or svn://radscan.com/conquest/tags/conquest-8.1.2g/

         Getting close to a stable 8.2 :)

         This version fixes a variety of bugs and makes further
         enhancments/changes to the HUD.  A mouse angle bug was fixed,
         and torp pips are back, along with phaser recharge status.

         It does correct a server bug, so upgrading your servers (if
         you run any) is recommended :)

         Here's the HISTORY chunkage:

8.1.2g (devel) 7/16/2006

        - add 'Hull Critical' and 'Shields Critical' pulse messages to
          viewer.  Remove icon sh/hull critical texture decals.

        - server fix: propagate SHIP_F_REPAIR flag for ships other than
          your own that are within scanning range so that shield status
          is accurate when repairing.

        - added man pages for conqdriv, conqmetad, conqoper,
          conquest/conquestgl (one manpage for both), conquestd, and

          These will be beefed up more in the future from info in the
          README and other files.

        8.1.2f (devel - not publically released)

        - fixed bug with mouse macros and angles that would cause the
          computed angle to be off by a few degrees depending on where
          you clicked.

        - Engine/weapon critical alerts now pulsed in viewer.  Got rid
          of iconhud eng/wep critical decal textures.

        - added 'Fuel Critical' alert pulse in viewer when fuel is < 100.

        - 'alert bars' are gone.  In their place are torp status pips,
          indicating torpedo status for each torp (left), and a
          vertical phaser status gauge, indicating phaser recharge
          state (right).

          Torp pip colors:
               Green - ready to fire
               White - in flight
               Red   - exploding

          Phaser recharge:
               Green - ready to fire
               Red   - recharging

        - Alert text is now displayed at bottom of viewer, instead of
          hud icon area.

        - army counts and team owner are now displayed on SR scan as
          well when numeric_planet_map is enabled.  Previously this
          only worked when in LR scan.

        - 'p', 'P', and 'f' firing commands always accept an angle,
          even if you can't actually fire them.  This avoids certain
          'accidents' when using macros, where if the fire command
          could not succeed for some reason, the angle would be
          mistakenly interpreted as a warp command.

        - When in orbit, use 'Orbit' instead of 'o' in warp indicator.

        - add conquest homepage URL and mailing list suggestion to main

        - switched to Subversion (svn) source code control.  An svn
          conquest repository can be found at:

          - 'current' development:


          - tagged (officially released) revisions:


Jon Trulson
mailto:jon at radscan.com http://radscan.com/~jon
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