[conquest] Conquest 8.1.2e (devel) is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sun Jul 2 18:28:59 MDT 2006

         At the usual place ( http://www.radscan.com/conquest.html ).

         This version cleans up and removes alot of textures, adds some
         mouse button macro support to the CP, adds new planet bombing
         graphics, removes the alian language textures, and adds a
         variety of other changes.

         Getting close to an 8.2 stable release. :)

         Here is the relevant portion of the HISTORY file (it's a
         little long):

8.1.2e (devel) 7/1/2006

        - added some mouse support in the GL client.  Macros can be
          assigned to mouse buttons + key modifiers (Control, Alt, and
          Shift).  Configuration of your mouse macros is available via
          the (O)ptions menu, or you can edit your conquestrc file

          The mouse only works when playing the game (in the Cockpit)
          and the cursor is within the viewer window in the GL client.

          Three default mouse macros are provided to give you a taste,
          and will be saved in your conquestrc file the first time you
          run this version of the client.  They are:

          mouse button 0 (left): Fire phaser at <angle>
          mouse button 1 (middle): Set course to <angle>
          mouse button 2 (right): Fire Torp at <angle>

          Of course you can redefine these, as well as add others.

          See the mouse macro comment block in your conquestrc file for
          a description of the format.

          <angle> is represented as '\a' in the macro string.  When the
          particular mouse button is hit, the '\a' character sequence,
          if present in the macro, will be replaced with the angle of
          the cursor relative to the center of the viewer when the
          button was pressed.

          Up to 32 buttons (0-31) are supported, and can be used with
          any combination of the Modifier keys (Shift, Alt, and Control).

          That gives you a total of 256 macros, provided you have a
          mouse/input device with 32 buttons.

          Enjoy :)

        - Since it's going to be painful continuing with the alien
          language thing, they've been removed from this version (with
          the exception of the team-specific Conquest logos).  All
          teams use the same decal1/decal2 (scale) textures in the HUD
          now.  The 'do_native_lang' option is gone.  Fixed up the
          decal1/2 textures with new, easier to read fonts, changed a
          few colors, and re-organized the allocation scale.

          The 'critical' alert icons have also been changed to have an
          english font, and all ships use the same set.  Since each
          ship has a different shape, there was no good way to draw the
          lines between the text and the area of the ship of interest
          using a single set of textures.  So, they are more like lamp
          indicators overlayed on the iconhud now.

          Towed/towing status and carried army count is displayed
          semi-transparent at the bottom of the viewer now, rather than
          in the icon hud area - not enough room there :)

          New 'Engine Overload' and 'Weapons Overload' "pulsed"
          messages are displayed in the viewer when an overload
          condition exists (using a new animdef).

        - removed the Irken planet textures and texture definitions.
          There does not seem to be an Irken server available anymore
          so there is no point in including them...

          The images and a .trc file are present in the irken-mod.tgz
          file available from Cat, should he wish to run a server again
          :) Just unpack the tarball in your ~/.conquest/ directory and
          you will be able to see the Irken planets in all their

        - removed all of the non-used textures (eng/sh fail, other team
          (alien) decal/icon textures, torpicon/beam/tow, etc).  In
          other words, massive texture cleanup and removal.  Went from
          179 to 107 textures.  Woohoo.

        - fixed up configure to not build static libs by default anymore.

        8.1.2d (not released)

        - added 'bombing' graphics.  Now when you bomb a planet, you
          see explosions on it.

          The server protocol changed as a result, though the change is
          backward compatible.

          When connecting to an older server (< 8.1.2d) you will only
          see explosions if you are bombing a planet yourself (we fake
          it on the client).  'Bombing' state for a ship won't be
          recorded, so you won't see the bombing graphics when playing
          it back.

          Playing on a newer server (>= 8.1.2d), you will see bombing
          graphics for any ship in scanning range that is currently
          bombing a planet.  In addition, recording files, when played
          back, will show bombing graphics for those ships that were
          bombing at the time.

        - fixed problem in GL client, where if a planet's type, etc
          changed after initGLPlanets was run, the user would not see
          the change in texture/color/size, etc.  Now we update the GL
          display characteristics of a planet whenever a packet that
          could affect these characteristics arrives.

        - when doing a 'make install', only overwrite the system
          conqinitrc file if it does not already exist, to prevent
          accidentally overwriting any local planet modifications (yes,
          this happened to me :).  The texturesrc file is always
          overwritten on install.

        - cleaned up the Klingon warp indicator texture.

        - fixed drawTexBox to not gratutitously invert Y, and adjusted
          planet textures to compensate.  Same for drawTexQuad and the
          conq-logo textures. Now, WYSIWYG as far as texture editing

Jon Trulson
mailto:jon at radscan.com http://radscan.com/~jon
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