[conquest] Conquest 8.1.2j (devel) is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Wed Aug 9 20:11:28 MDT 2006

         Source tarball:

         SVN tagged release:

         SVN current development:

         This is an 8.2 stable pre-release candidate.

         It fixes a very old (and serious) bug in the server related to
         phaser damage, alot of minor things related to the HUD, some
         client/server race conditions, and builds under cygwin again.

         This version incorporates 8.1.2h and 8.1.2i, which were not
         publically released.

         Here is the HISTORY blob:

8.1.2j (devel) 8/9/2006

        - 8.2 pre-release, barring significant issues.

        - draw a line below the shield gauge that will indicate current
          shield strength when shields are down.  This is useful for
          allowing you to check your shield's recharge status without
          having to raise them first.

        - change 'REPAIRING' icon decal color from green to cyan-ish.

        - add a conqinit man page.

        - move CLAMP() macro into conqdef.h for everyone to use.

        - fixup the cygwin build

          - update README.cygwin for current info and methods for
            enabling IPC services.

          - re-arrange the lib ordering a bit at link time so the
            stupid linker can handle libconqinit/libconquest
            dependancies (cqiInitPlanets).

        8.1.2i (devel - not released) 7/29/2006

        - fixed an old (and serious) bug that prevented phasers from
          damaging a target if it's angle was between 315 and 360 from
          your ship.  It is definitely advisable for server operators
          to upgrade to this version if you want phasers to work when
          fired within this angle range

        - fixed torpdir stuff in GL.c - should no longer get occasional
          incorrect directional torp angles.

        - changed ship textures and drawShip() to not use lower left as
          the ship's texture origin, like the other textures.

        - fix off-by-one in GL ship list.

        8.1.2h (devel - not released) 7/21/2006

        - patches from Clint Adams, putting the manpages in their proper
          place (section 6 rather than 1), and supplying a conqai and
          conqstrat manpage.

        - in initGLPlanets, use the classd texture by default (for
          class A, O, and Z, for example) rather than the moon

        - When looking for ~/.conquest/*.trc files, only look for files
          that *end* in .trc .

        - previously, the client(s) tried to be smart and not waste
          the server's time with requests it knew the server would
          reject, for example, firing a phaser when you are cloaked.

          Unfortunately, this introduced race conditions when the
          connection had any significant lag, which would cause the
          client's idea of what would succeed to be incorrect.

          Now, we simply send such commands to the server, regardless
          of the local client's state, and let the server determine
          the validity of a command.

Jon Trulson
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