[conquest] Conquest 8.1.1 (stable) is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Wed Aug 10 11:31:26 MDT 2005

 	.. at http://radscan.com/conquest.html

 	This stable release works around a UDP issue seen with some
people whereby ship updates would just stop arriving after about 15
minutes of playing.  Bummer.  There's also new phaser, torp, and
Negative Energy Barrier rendering in the GL client.

 	Here's the relevant portion of the HISTORY file:

Version 8.1.1 (stable)

         - during playback of a recording, honor the user config
           NoRobotMsgs option.

         - send a UDP keepalive packet every 60 seconds to keep
           UDP connections alive for certain firewalls that seem to
           timeout the connection if there is no client->server

           The symptom reported is that you could get into the game and
           play for awhile (10-15 minutes) when suddenly all ship
           movement would stop.  Everything else would work (commands,
           etc) just no ship movement (meaning UDP stopped).

         - clean up some compiler warnings regarding possible use of
           uninited variables.

         - When a geno occurs, send a message notifying everyone.

         - redid explosion rendering in the GL client.

         - now use a textured quad for phasers rather than a line.

         - remove drawString(), not needed anymore.

         - properly report an error and exit if the texfont(s) cannot
           be loaded (rather than core).

         - can see the negative energy barrier now in the GL client.

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