[conquest] Irken server updates

Almighty Tallest Cataboligne god.000 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 12:25:05 MST 2004

>  your server has a horrible lag.  Hope that can be fixed or the game
>  is unplayable.  Congrats for being the first to actually try and expand
>  the universe.....

I suspect its because I dont really have a connection to run servers.
I just figured conquest wouldnt be as demanding as games like Q3 and such.

Once my current p2p stuff finishes I'll turn off Azureus and Nicotine
and have a test.

>maybe strengthening the Empire armies

You cant attack them can you?  Every time I tried it comes back with
the "we are not at war..."

>BTW: Your '-N 'Egypt (was' as your server address
does not work, 

Hmm, kinda thought that was just a label...oh well I can set the IP
addy only, but when it changes it will stop working.  And I have no
idea why it has to change, my firewall is always up even if my
individual machines arent.

I'll prob have a patch before long concerning planets...I want to use
some custom graphics, and there needs to be a config load on reset. 
Cant zap all the other stats just to load the planets.

If anyone was curious about the Irken planets, and not a big Invader
Zim fan, this is a good place to go:


(Also has the planet graphics I intend to use...heh heh.)

Almighty Tallest Cataboligne

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