[conquest] Conquest version 8.0.1m (devel) is available.

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sun Nov 14 18:08:45 MST 2004

 	Well, this was going to be a final stable release of 8.1, until I 
discivered that Cygwin builds didn't work anymore.  There was also alot of 
cleanup done.  So what the heck, another devel release before going to 
stable around thanksgiving.

 	It's at the usual place: http://radscan.com/conquest.html

 	Here's what changed since the last devel release (8.0.1l):

Version 8.0.1m 11/14/2004 (devel)

         - builds under cygwin (11/11/2004) again.  Both the server and
           clients (including the OpenGL client, conquestgl) seem to
           run fine again.

           SW OpenGL is a little slow, but playable (depending on your
           processor speed).  You may want to turn off the viewer
           background image in (O)ptions to gain more FPS.  I get about
           20 FPS in SR view on a Pentium M 1.8 Ghz, fast enough for
           conquest's needs :)

           Make sure to read README.cygwin for important info on
           building under Cygwin.

         - updated autotools/libtools to deal with some cygwin issues
           with curses linking.

         - move rndini() calls to be before rndlb usage to prevent
           infinite loops in rndlb on cygwin systems.

         - doomsday protocol was not being recorded in client-side
           game recordings.  Sorry.

         - removed last traces of glut bitmap font usage

         - cleanup in asle 4 (render.c)

         - remove old, unused code (CONQUEST_USER, ALT_RND, etc)

         - Use ALT-S to toggle display of FPS and Kb/s stats in
           cockpit (conquestgl).

         - use CTL-R in the cockpit to force a complete packet refresh
           from the server.

         - yep, another 8.1 release candidate.

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