[conquest] Conquest 8.0.1a (devel) is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sat May 8 19:02:38 MDT 2004

	at the usual place:


	This is a development release.

	The big thing in this release is the addition of a GLUT/OpenGL
client, conquestgl. There are a couple of screenshots on


	Some fixes and enhancments to the conquest server and driver are
also present in this release.

	Here is the snippet from the HISTORY file:

Version 8.0.1a 5/08/2004 (devel)

        - Adds a GLUT/OpenGL client, conquestgl.  Yay!

          - See http://radscan.com/conquest/index.html for a couple of
            screen shots.

          - The gl client is called 'conquestgl' - use this to run the
            OpenGL version of the client.  The curses client
            'conquest' is still present of course, for those who
            really dig the retro experience.

          - if you do not have OpenGL and GLUT libraries/headers on
            your system, supply the '--disable-gl' command line
            argument to the 'configure' script, as in:

            ./configure --disable-gl

            This will prevent the GL related clients and libraries from
            being compiled, and you will be stuck with the curses only
            client :)

          - Note, the GL client does not provide a 6 DOF (flight
            simulator-type) playing experience.  Sorry - that would be
            an entirely new game.  OpenGL and GLUT are used to
            basically present the same game experience as the current
            curses client, however, the use of a graphical client
            provides a much nicer experience visually.  To be honest,
            I never use the curses client to play anymore :)

          - phaser shots from other ships are rendered in the GL

          - new user option:


            when set to 'true', will draw a 1 pixel red square around
            enemy ships in the LR/SR views in the GL client.

          - currently the maximum Frames Per Second (FPS) is capped
            around 100.  A 10ms delay will be inserted between
            frames if the FPS exceeds 75, which is really more than
            sufficient for conquestgl's rendering requirements.

          - there are no specific GL extensions required or used.
            OpenGL 1.1 and greater should be sufficient for
            building/running conquestgl.

            I have not tried running conquestgl on a software GL
            implementation like Mesa.  With a fast enough processor,
            it could be playable though, since we are not talking
            about Quake 3 rendering requirements here :)

          - the mouse is not used in conquestgl - everything still
            runs by keyboard :)

          - up to 36 macros can be handled in conquestgl:

                  F1 - F12
            SHIFT F1 - F12
            CTL   F1 - F12

          - conquestgl can also play conquest recording (.cqr) files.
            Use the -P 'cqr filename' option.

            conquestgl -P dethfun.cqr

            It's much nicer to watch recordings in the OpenGL version
            than using the curses-only 'conqreplay' program.

            Other than this, the options are the same for conquestgl
            as the curses client 'conquest'.

          - there are many enhancements that could be made to the
            various displays still:

            - a star/galaxy texture in the background of the viewer
              (partially implemented but not yet enabled).

            - spiffing up the text only screens in Conquest (user list,
              planet list, etc)

            - a better conquest logo display

            - non-destructive (alpha blended) information viewing
              (ship list, etc ) while in the middle of a fight.

            - phasers should probably be drawn using an alpha blended
              texture rather than a blended line.

            - need a better way to display explosions

            - need to increase line length and number of lines for the
              display of incoming messages.

            - the list goes on. Sigh.

        - conquestd/conqdriv changes

          - on entry to the game, the server will send a complete user
            list to the client.  Previously, only users currently
            playing in the game or present in the history list were
            sent to the client.  This means the '(U)ser list' option
            in the clients will list all of the users now.

          - conqdriv now updates planet positions every 10th/sec.
            Previously these were only updated every 5 seconds.  This
            provides much smoother planet movement, especially in the
            GL client.  Of course this increases the required bandwith
            some.  If this is too much for your internet connection,
            reduce your 'updates_per_sec' option.

          - conqdriv now updates a ship's orbital position every
            10th/sec rather than 1/sec.  This makes orbiting planets
            much smoother - this is more noticable in the GL client.

        - missing doomsday protocol added.  Believe it or not, with
          the 8.0.1 release version. I forgot to added the protocol
          for the doomsday.  Using an older client (pre 8.0.1a) will
          results in an 'invisible' doomsday machine.  Upgrade to a
          8.0.1a or better client.  The GL client uses a texture made
          from the original Star Trek episode "The Doomsday Machine"

        - conqmeta changes

          - meta server now sorts output server list by the number of
            currently active players, rather than the server
            registration order.

          - fixed a bug where the meta server could not distinguish
            between multiple servers that were running on the same
            host, but listening on different ports.

        - alot of restructuring of the code and the creation of new

          - No UI specific code is present in libconquest anymore.

          - new generic libUi

          - all curses functions and the functions that depend on them
            are now in libUiCU

          - GL related functions and their dependants are located in

          - curses related functions removed from libconqclnt and

          - new color implemetation, (colors.h) - UI agnostic.

          - much cleanup up of c_defs.h.

          - conqnews.doc renamed to HISTORY.

        - added CREDITS file to give credit where credit is due
          (netrek for the original pixmaps that formed the basis of
          the ship textures in conquestgl, etc)

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