[conquest] conquest 8.0.1e (devel) is now available...

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Tue Jul 6 16:11:47 MDT 2004

	... at http://radscan.com/conquest.html

	8.0.1b, c, and d were not released publicly.

	The main new thing in this release is the addition of UDP support
and other changes for improved client/server interaction.  This is
especially noticable in the OpenGL client (conquestgl).  A variety of
other bugs and the like were also addressed.

	Server operators: this would be a good version to upgrade to, even
though it is a 'development' release :)

	Here is the release snippet:

Version 8.0.1e 7/4/2004 (devel)

        - cleaned up some logic in the server so that uneccessary
          computations are not performed on each iter - improving

        - moved planet driver into conqlb

        - fixed sign bug in client meta list that caused high numbered
          ports to be listed as a negative number on the meta server
          list displayed in the client.

        - moved duplicate GL/curses client hello() functions into
          single clientHello() function in client.c.

Version 8.0.1c 7/2/2004 (devel)

        - UDP support for torp, ship, and planet 'location' packets.
          UDP is auto-negotiated, and appears to be NAT firewall safe.

          Use the '-u' option to conquestgl or conquest to disable udp
          negotiation if you are having problems with it.

          You can see whether or not your client has successfully
          negotiated UDP with the server by looking at the (O)ptions
          screen in the client, where UDP status is listed as 'On' or

          If you run server, you will need to also allow UDP port 1701
          (default) into your network in addition to the TCP port 1701
          you already allow.

          UDP packets are used only for sending frequent 'location'
          data to clients, which improves the smoothness of play,
          especially in the OpenGL client, conquestgl.

        - bugs in nWelcome node that prevented server error conditions
          from being displayed to the user were fixed.

Version 8.0.1b 5/31/2004 (devel)

        - use TCP_NODELAY to send packets immediately rather than save
          them up before sending.

        - add check for stdint.h, and use those defines if available
          in datatypes.h

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