[conquest] Conquest 8.1 (stable) is released.

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Thu Dec 30 21:36:33 MST 2004

 	... at long last.


 	This release corrects a few bugs (one pretty serious) in the last 
development version (8.0.1q) and is now 'stable' in theory :)

 	Here is the relevant portion of the HISTORY file.

         - changes since the last development release (8.0.1q)

           - fixed bad bug that could prevent a ship from seeing enemy
             torps that were fired at it from >ACCINFO_DIST away,
             depending on the firing ship's war settings.

           - block updates when a RELOAD is occuring to prevent
             possbility of sending a corrupt packet stream.  This could
             also happen when starting a client recording.

           - fixed problem with around() and round() which depend on
             BSD rint().  rint() seems to screw up rounding when the
             fractional part is exactly .5 - rounding down on even
             numbers, rounding up on odd.  How odd.  Now use our own
             rounding function that always does the right thing.

           - the wrong team was logged as the geno'd team to the logfile.

           - remove code that killed armies on ships belonging to a
             geno'd team.  I did not expect that code would cause a war
             in itself :)

          - here is a brief overview of major features/changes since
            last stable release (8.0.1)

            - GLUT based OpenGL client, conquestgl.

            - the conqreplay program is gone, as the clients, conquest
              (curses) and conquestgl (OpenGL) are now used to replay
              .cqr files via the '-P <cqrfile>' cmdline option.

            - The game protocol changed (in devel version 8.0.1j).  This
              protocol corrects some shortcomings in the 8.0.1 protocol
              (like doomsday, planet realness, etc), and now provides
              for client-side computation of torpedo and planet
              movement.  This makes the game smoother, particularly in
              conquestgl, and significantly cuts down on the network
              bandwidth required.

            - a variety of game related bugs fixed, including, but not
              limited to:

              - doomsday protocol was 'missing'.

              - planet 'realness' was never propagated to a client.

              - geno's against the feds were rarely counted.

              - Slingshot flag could be bypassed.

              - a planet's army count is sent immediately to a newly
                scanning ship.

              - a bug in system entry selection could cause you
                to get stuck in Murisak when entering the game.

              - several lock contention, and signal interrupt
                issues/races fixed.

              - FEEDBACK messages are now sent directly to the client
                without making a round trip through the common block.

              - UDP support (auto-negotiated, but still perhaps a bit
                weak) for ship motion data.

                - UDP support can be disabled by specifying the '-u'
                  option to the client.

              - Improve TCP performance via TCP_NODELAY.

              - use CTL-R in the cockpit to force a complete packet
                refresh from the server.

            - new user options (~/.conquestrc)

              - 'do_enemyshipbox' - when set to 'true', will draw a 1
                 pixel red square around enemy ships in the LR/SR views.
                 (GL client only).

              - 'do_draw_viewerbg' - define this as 'true' if you want
                to see the rather attractive background image (Hubble
                Ultra Deep Field) displayed in the viewer.  (GL client

            - conqdriv

              - conqdriv now updates planet positions every 10th/sec.
                Previously these were only updated every 5 seconds.
                This provides much smoother planet movement, especially
                in the GL client.

              - conqdriv now updates a ship's orbital position every
                10th/sec rather than 1/sec.  This makes orbiting
                planets much smoother.

            - meta server/protocol changes

              - The meta protocol has been updated to support new
                'server_contact' and 'localtime' fields.

              - the meta server now sorts the server list by the number
                of currently active players, rather than the server
                registration order.

              - meta selection code in client can now differentiate
                between incompatible servers.

              - fixed a bug where the meta server could not distinguish
                between multiple servers that were running on the same
                host, but listening on different ports.

            - much code restructuring, new libraries, removal of dead code.


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