[conquest] Re: conquest etiquette... "Maybe its just me"

David W. Payne dwpayne at gravitic.com
Wed Dec 8 14:40:06 MST 2004

I do not have time right now to answer all of this so I'll just make one 
or two points.

WE NEED MORE PLAYERS!  If we had more people interested in Conquest
there wouldn't be such an interest/need for multiship players.  So GET YOUR
FRIENDS to play!

I've noticed that most things about Conquest come in phases.  What I 
believe is
that the multiship playing is a phase.   Just endure/ignore it.

And the next time you see Wintermute in the game, tell him/her to 
subscribe to
the list so we can get his opinion on things too.  Just reach out to him 
and tell
him how to subscribe.  Can't work out differences if people don't 


Almighty Tallest Cataboligne wrote:

>Maybe its just me...
>Yes, that will be the working title of this piece.
>I've pretty much decided playing against the multi-ship players is an
>excersize in futility and anger managment.
>It just sucks when all you want to do is take or defend your home
>system, and some butt-munch with 4 different ships wont leave you be. 
>The game isnt fun anymore.  And if I want to play a frustrating game,
>I'll try something like gauntlet 2.  (well compared to g-1 anyway.)
>Maybe its because when I started playing years back, the only ppl who
>could try to fly more than one ship per individual were breaking the
>established rules and would be banned when caught.
>Of course only being able to fly one ship makes it hard for 1 person /
>team to get a conquer...that was the point though, its a multiplayer
>game.  You either persuade that other team person to join your team,
>or wait until a friend could help you.
>And then even if there were 3 or 4 players on 1 team, they would never
>have used the tactics I've seen used.  (excluding a few slime balls
>that everyone would stomp when they came in the game - and why were
>they always flying orion ships?)
>If one team was going after another teams home planets, everyone had
>war set with the other team...unless it was just 2 ppl up against a
>bot - and realize bots were viewed differently back in those halcyon
>It was also common practice if you were alone on a team, to bring your
>bot out as a helper.  With more than 2 ppl tho, one person had to
>defend while the other went out for conquests.
>Its still my feeling that (a single individual) playing more than one
>ship against an individual who doesnt want to play that way is
>cheating...even if the game rules allow it.
>I'll also take this moment to appologize to any "polite" players for
>past and future profanity (at least towards the multi ship players -
>all else is good natured ribbing in jest...) - but darn it your
>cheating holes work my nerves and you are just asking for it...  My
>point of view is thus - if you choose to play more than one ship, I
>choose foul langauge when you piss me off.
>(And NO, I have never attacked anyone {bombing armies or shooting
>ships} with 2 different ships (simultaneously) - the most I use a
>second ship for is acquiring / building a bot helper. And mebbe
>fighting bots if I feel lazy.  but never against human players,
>ever...  And ALSO NOTE: switching to a different username-ship does
>not count - I mean flying one ship at a time...)
>That is my piece of wisdom for the moment...so might it be.


#include <std/disclaimer.h>

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