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> SlingShot, the only way to survive is to do the same thing.  Which is why

Exactly my point - its no fun taking on a whole slew of fresh ships
when you are trying to play with just one.  You get a fair kill on an
opponent and  you want a chance to repair and refuel...

> kept sending ship after ship to rom.  After about 20 minutes of this I was
> tired and just left.


>         I think what will be needed here is a new 'max clients per ip'
> option that an CO can specify.  This option would only allow the
> configured number of client from a single IP to connect.  Maybe the
> default is 1 or 2.

A limit of 2 per IP should work nicely in the majority of cases...the
many multiple ships can be left on for the experimental server.

There are situations like 2 or more players only having one portal -
and thus 1 phys IP, but I think those can possibly be dealt with
fairly by an op.

> > My personal feelings:
> > If I tell you something is cheating, the above is why I think it so.
>         Well, technically they are not really cheating.  If the game
> permits it, you can't really call that a cheat.

Which is precisely why I specified them as my personal feelings...for
me its more a matter of honorable play - I wont do to another player
as I dont want done to myself.

> > You dont kill a dummy 100 or more times (even if you are alone on a
>         Ahem.  I believe I've seen you do this :)

Kill dummy ship(s) 100 times?  I really think not.  You know how
boring that would be...maybe 3 or 4 dummy kills when the conquer is
almost done and there are no armies to bomb (like  you just came back
in after a sun wiped out your 75 kill ship...doh)

If I have 100 kills, it is from bombing and bot destruction.  Well 95%
anyway.  Might shoot a dummy ship to watch the explosion, or discover
when 1 single torp can deal 100 dmg points...or skeet shooting, thats
always fun, practicing with moving targets.  But nowhere near enough
kills to effect the skill rating.  Tho I have pumped up bot effeciency
when using one as a defensive helper before - then again it seems I'm
usually alone on the Klingon team.  And Guardian is my friend - but he
should be named Landru.  LOL

That rec where I have 400 kills - 90% of that is from bot destruction.

>         These would have to be enforced by the game.  Expecting players to
> subscribe here and read this thread and then play by these recomendations
> isn't realistic.  I do not believe WM is subscribed here for example.

Yeah...I just like to think in terms of ideals.

>         Hey, that's part of the game.  I did that to you I believe in the
> last game.  I followed you around, zipped in and out getting you to waste
> fuel and heat (while you were attacking my Orion planets), knowing you had
> no friendly planets nearby to fuel on, then I blew up your ship when you
> were sufficiently weak and had to run away.  That's a perfectly valid way
> to play.  Conquest is as much about strategy as it is about aiming right.

Yes, its valid...just not what I consider entirely honorable...and
were you the one playing on the Orion and Feddy bear teams?  Not sure,
I just remember someone was.

> :)  Next time don't mess with my planets unless you want to tangle, and
> have a viable exit strategy :)

And this is my point - if you spend the majority of a play session
working on a Fed victory you shouldnt jump in as an Orion and stomp
someone on the Klingon team working on a coup...leave them to HAL -
HAL is fun and easy to kill. :-)

But again - my personal feelings on this.

Ta, ta all.
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