[conquest] Conquest Version 7.2c-cs-12 is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sat Oct 25 17:53:59 MDT 2003

	... at the usual place.  It fixes some bugs, and adds some missing

	Josef Jahn has setup a Conquest server at hoxdna.org.  It is also
accessable via telnet (use 'conquest' as the user and password). [It seems
to be down at the moment however ;-)]

	Here is a snippet from the release notes:


        - feedback messages are no longer recorded.  Tersables
          are only recorded if the user has them enabled when the
          recording was made.  Server recordings never contain

        - notify opers when someone enters conqoper

        - opers get all messages sent to GOD

        - applied patch from Josef Jahn that corrected a problem where
          conquestd would only bind to the IP address the host
          resolved to.  Now it will bind to all interfaces.

          Now that this bug is fixed, the conquest client now defaults
          to 'localhost' if no server was specified on the command line.

        - fixed problem with reserved ship slots and no valid process
          controlling them in newship().  Also, when disconnecting
          from the main menu, turns off the ship before exiting.

        - fixed problem where the default update rate was being set to
          2 by default, rather than the 5 it should have been.

        - clean up of the conf stuff

        - some cleanup of recording code

        - send relevant User packet *before* sending a Hist packet.

        - new options for conquestd


            When this option is specified to conquestd, conquestd will
            run in daemon mode (fork itself into the background and


            When this option is specified to conquestd, conquestd will
            only accept connections from local transports (loopback).
            This is useful if you want to run a server, but only want
            to accept connections from clients running on the same
            machine as the server.

          -u user

            When this option is specified to conquestd, conquestd will
            do a setuid() to this user before beginning operations.

          Options -u and -d are handy for starting up a server
          at system boot time.  I use something like:

          <path-to-conquest>/bin/conquestd -d -u nobody

          in an /etc/rc.d/init.d/conquestd script.

        - new '-t' option for conquest.

          when conquest is run with the '-t' flag, then no attempt
          will be made to read or write a user config file.  This is
          useful for people who still want to run telnetable servers,
          yet prevent such users from stomping over each other's

          Such users always use the default options, which means they
          will need to set them to their preferences whenever they
          enter the game, since they are never saved.  If you (the
          user) find this annoying, then download the src, and use the
          client to connect to the server properly :).

        - new 'conquestsh' program for telnetable servers.  When
          setting up a telnetable server, use 'conquestsh' as the
          user's shell program.  conquestsh exec's the conquest client
          bianary, passing the '-t' flag, and the '-s localhost'
          flag.  Feel free to edit this program for your site, for
          example if you want the telnetable client to connect to a
          different server than 'localhost'.

        - removed GL/X11 dependancies that snuck in.

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