[conquest] Conquest 7.2d (development) is now available.

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Thu Nov 20 23:11:22 MST 2003

	At the usual place ( http://radscan.com/conquest.html ).  There
are several improvments and fixes in this release.  Here is a snippet from
the release notes:


        - merge of CS-12 into main branch (7.2d)

        - removed '-p <port>' option from conquest.  To specify a port
          other than the default, add it to the server name seperated
          by a colon.  For example, to connect to a server at
          conquest.radscan.com, port 1702, use:

          conquest -s conquest.radscan.com:1702

        - added meta server (conqmetad) and functionality to
          conquestd, based on a suggestion and some ideas from Josef

          - meta server listens on TCP and UDP port 1700.  The UDP
            port is incoming only, and is used to recieve updates from
            conquestd's.  TCP is outbound only, and will dump the
            current server list and their stats ('|' delimited) upon

            Try 'telnet conquest.radscan.com 1700' . :)

          - new options added to conquestd:

            '-m' update the meta server (default: conquest.radscan.com)

            '-M <metaserver>' use metaserver <metaserver>

            '-N <myname>' tell the metaserver to use <myname> as the
            server address.  Otherwise conqmetad will use the src
            address on the incoming packet to determine the conquestd
            server address.

        - still need to add ability in conquest to get server list
          from meta server and allow the user to select one.

        - fixed conquestd and conquest to improve responsivness.
          conquest will now process packets as soon as they are
          received regardless of the update rate, instead of wating
          for a timer cycle.

          conquestd updates the client whenever the client does
          something (raise shields, etc).

          These changes made a huge diff in responsiveness to
          commands, especially at lower update rates. Sorry about that
          oversight :)

        - client now processes incoming packets while in help, userlist,
          etc, rather than only when at the battle screen.

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