[conquest] Conquest 7.1.2 is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sun Jul 7 18:55:13 MDT 2002

	Conquest 7.1.2 is now available at
http://www.radscan.com/conquest.html.  Here is the extract from the
conqnews.doc file:

Version 7.1.2 Sun Jul  4 16:19:40 MST 2001 Jon Trulson  <jon at radscan.com>

	- a long overdue update

	- automatically exclude VACANT ships when deciding whether to
          create a robot when a home planet is attacked.  This problem
          allowed some remote players to take over home planets
          without the excitement and stimulation of having to deal
          with the robots in the process.  Shame on you ;-)

	- way past due for a public update. Sorry.

	- added the ability to record and playback games ;-)

	  For example:

	   conquest -r somefile.cqr

	  Then to play it back:

	   conqreplay -f somefile.cqr

	  This isn't available to remote players, as I don't know of a
	  secure, reliable way to get the recorded file back to the
	  remote user. 


	- added patches by Clint Adams to handle configure's various
	  install location options (libexecdir, sysconfigdir, etc).  
	  The programs and data files will be installed according to
	  the values of these items. 

          If you already are using an older version of Conquest, you
          will need to move a couple of files to their new homes
          before running conqoper or conquest if you want to preserve
          your current state and configuration.

	  Old files: 


          New files: 


	  Other files have moved as well, but these are the important
	  ones for preserving state.

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