[conquest] Conquest 7.2 is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Sun Dec 1 21:25:20 MST 2002

	at the usual place  http://radscan.com/conquest.html

	There are a few bug fixes (one kind of important) and an
enhancment or two...  Here's the sippet from the conqnews.txt file:

	- patch from Clint Adams for conqai.c changing 'char arg' to
          'int arg' for getopt.

	- fix problem in conqai.c defend() that would allow multiple
          robot defenders.  This was fairly serious to poor newbies
          ;-)  This bug was introduced in 7.1.2.  Sorry.

	- fixup remote login screen a little, provide a status line
          (number of live users, ships, their status, etc)

	  Next maybe we can add a MOTD and a QOTD...

	- reworked cdredo() logic to redraw screen properly in
          cdget*().  ^L should work properly during prompting now.

	- bumped up to v7.2.  Let's be bold and daring.

	The public server has been updated already, no common block
changes were made.

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