[conquest] Conquest 7.1 is now available

Jon Trulson jon at radscan.com
Wed Jan 3 22:45:51 MST 2001

	Hi guys, I tried to post this to conquest at area.com, but it
doesn't appear to exist anymore, so I created a new list, and added you to
it ;-)  Here goes:

	A new version of Conquest, version 7.1 is now available at

	The main new feature is a ship refitting capability.  Also some
bug fixes and support for Solaris Sparc systems.  Here's a snippet from
the conqnew.doc file:

Version 7.1 Mon Jan  1 11:45:20 MST 2001 Jon Trulson  <jon at radscan.com>

	- added a ship refit capability.  It's sys-wide configurable
          (allow_refits), and enabled by default.  This allows users
          to be able to change ship types once they have at least one
          kill, and are orbiting a team owned planet.  There are 3
          ship types: Scout (Orion equiv), Destroyer
          (Klingon/Federation equiv) and Cruiser (Romulan equiv).

          Robots will be given a random ship type when they enter the

	  Users will get whatever shiptype is normal for their team
	  until they change it.  Use the 'r' option to refit during

	  This change required a new common block, so I had to reset
	  it, losing all current user data on the conquest.radscan.com
	  server.  Sorry.

	  The ship type a user is using can be determined by doing an
	  (i)nfo on the ship.  Also, the '(/)player list' option will
	  show an 'S' (Scout), 'D' (Destroyer), or 'C' (Cruiser) next
	  to their ship number, indicating the variety they are

	- Worked with Jef Poskanzer (the original Conquest God) to fix
          semaphore problems on Sparc systems, and added a new
          '--with-conquest-group=<groupname>' option to the configure
          script so that you can easily choose which group you want
          conquest to run under.

	  Oh, and we did skirmish a bit, and I actually blew him up

	- added message logging sys-wide option (log_messages).  Now
          all messages can be saved into the logfile.

	- skip users with a negative difftime so they are not expired.
          I had a problem with my system clock one day - it reset to
          1996.  And of course, after logging into Conquest, it
          proceeded to expire all remote users.  Bummer.

	- Fixed typo in remote user login screen.

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